Emergency Services

If you’re in crisis or you need immediate help, please call 911.

Or, call the Lake County Crisis Hotline at (440) 953-8255, (440) 357-7300, or (800) 411-0103.

Emergency Mental Health Evaluations: (440) 953-6003 (Lake West Medical Center - 36000 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby)

Community Based Stabilization (CBS): 440-918-1000 (after 5 p.m. or weekends, please call 440-953-8255)
Short term home-based or on-location mental health services to help avoid hospitalization.

Forbes House Helpline: (440) 357-1018 or (440) 953-9779
Offers information and support for battered women and their children.

Community Crisis Intervention Team: (440) 953-TALK (8255) or (440) 357-7300
Available to local schools, businesses and/or organizations which have experienced a crisis such as suicide, accidental death, multiple traumatic injuries or homicide. Members of CCIT offer support and consultation to assist survivors in coping with crisis.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team: (440) 953-TALK (8255) or (440) 357-7300
Available to police, fire, medical and other emergency personnel. Team members provide support to reduce the impact of critical events such as injury or death of fellow emergency worker, multiple casualty incidents or prolonged and/or extraordinary rescue efforts.